Desk Shear

Made in Italy, comes with leather sheath.

$10 each or 3/$25

Mix and Match with 4-in-1 Flathead Screwdriver special!


Bosch Jobsite Radio PB360S-RT

Special price at $125/unit 



  • Four-way speakers and subwoofer
  • Moisture and dust-resistant (IP rating of 54)
  • Aluminum and rubber roll cage
  • Advanced digital tuning
  • 20 FM/10 AM presets, 5 preset equalizer settings
  • Separate bass and treble controls
  • Battery/charger bay
  • Runs off of battery if no outlet available
  • AUX 1 in port, (2) AUX in ports
  • Line out port
  • Powered USB port
  • SD card port
  • Four-way power outlets
  • 12V DC plug- charges mobile phones